An Introduction

I am starting a podcast and those who are in the know tell me I must introduce myself. So here goes.

The Podcast can be found under the following heading and subheading:

Weltanschauung – A Search for the Soul

….in the following directories: iTunes, Spotify, Pocketcasts

Here is the Spotify link. You can use Spotify for free.

For Pocketcasts you need to download the app on your phone and do a search: the phone app is free.

Here is the link for iTunes . You can use iTunes for free.


  1. You’ve managed to create a wonderful way to introduce yourself, Anthony, and the prospect of the recordings to come is inviting and much anticipated. The quality of the recording is superb, and the resonance of your voice in this introduction compares favorably with other notable British narrations available in popular media.

    This is the Anthony Garner who is at the heart of your blog; the philosopher, poet, and kindred soul that I have greatly admired and encouraged to continue seeking a deeper appreciation of your already formidable intellect. This positive and upbeat perspective on an enviable life is precisely the kind of offering our modern digitalized world sorely needs!

    Looking very much forward to your podcast!

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    1. John
      High praise indeed.

      It means so much to have appreciation and liking for what one does. I have loved the exploration of “podcasting” and how to do it. I become more and more captivated by these topics and sadly (for my pocket book!) less and less interested in markets and commerce.

      I have a vague hope that in some small way the likes of you and I can help to influence the world for the better.


    1. Thank you Keith. Good of you to listen. The Podcast’s title is Weltanschauung and its subtitle A Search for the Soul.
      It is listed on the following directories: iTunes, Spotify, Pocketcast


      1. I’m certain it will be worth it. You r blog is brilliant and if this clip was any indication of what’s in store, it’ll be enjoyable. I literally only have two I’m listening to at the moment. Anyways, I’m downloading it now. Thanks for the link.


  2. How fun! I think you will have many interesting perspectives and I really look forward to listening to your next episodes.

    Could you please post here the iTunes link? I will be able to import that one into my podcast reader.


  3. Excellent, Anthony. Well done too. I look forward to your deeper revelations with pleasurable anticipation. In the meantime your “Over the Bar” (?) recitation and your singing of one of your personally most moving church hyms would be most welcome … Thank you.

    Best wishes, Keith.

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    1. I am about to post a podcast on Blake. The Lamb…. And its counterpart the Tyger. I’m not so very sure I find it comfortable to read or even talk about Blake nonetheless it is now done so I may as well post. Over the Bar…. What a magnificent poem… I know only too well how Alfred felt!


      1. You can’t do worse than Gielgud reading Blake and having heard you so far, yo Keith.u wont. He was just horribly unmentionable and obviously didn’t have any idea of his subject … !


      1. Thank you Anthony. I got your first podcast introduction through YouTube. Looking forward to future podcasts. Am still not getting notifications but check you out now and again so don’t think I’m missing anything. Best wishes, Keith.

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      2. Yes, Sandra and I and Vancouver Island generally, seem to be safe so far, thank you. Hope you and your wife and son, family at large, friends and colleagues avoid the menace too.



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