What a difference a few weeks can make and how powerful the influence of the season upon the mood. If ever evidence were needed that we are mere creatures of nature, there be it.


To sit in dappled shade in the late summer sunshine. To breathe the soft cool wind, to close eyes and let the mind wander where it will.

Nu Couché au coussin Bleu, one of the finest examples of reclining nudes by Modigliani, 1916


What does achievement mean? What have you achieved and by what standards will you be judged? Will you be found wanting and if so should you care?

Edge of the World

I wonder if this is what it felt like during the phoney war in 1939? A period of almost surrealistic calm before the horrors of world War II really began.

End Game

There is nothing more sobering than a great deal of time spent in a hospital with the critically ill. Nothing more rewarding either.

The “Influencer”

There can be few callings which I hold is such low esteem as that of the “Influencer”.

Game of Thrones 8

If you think it’s all about sex, dragons and slaughter you might just be wrong. It’s also about apocalypse and that I find rather fascinating.

The Snob

How hilarious, the asinine snob.