One who travels to a shrine or holy place


What is this fabled state of being he wondered. After many years of contemplation, he thought perhaps he might know.

The Door

And here you are, at the center of eternity, the end point of all. You are out of the physical realm here, all is pure thought.

Life on Earth

In a perfectly manicured estate beside the Thames in Central London, he came to the conclusion that life, as such, did not matter so very much.

Thin Places

“There are more things in heaven and earth than most people would dream of” chuckled Septimus. “If my dealings with Mages and their ways are anything to go by, you have both been called and must not be found wanting. Some great adventure awaits you.”


Some consider it a compliment to be described as “worldly”. To others of a more reflective disposition, such a description might be considered as unfortunate.

Sea of Words

Can you count the stars in the sky, the grains of sand on a beach. Can you hear a voice in the infinite Sea of Words unleashed by an age of digits and silicon.

City of Iniquity

Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood and stablisheth a city by iniquity.


What a difference a few weeks can make and how powerful the influence of the season upon the mood. If ever evidence were needed that we are mere creatures of nature, there be it.


Rumination, or call it reflection perhaps. Free of the destructive connotations of the former, the latter seems more wholesome. A liberating appraisal of a life lived less well than it could have been.

Which Way

Will you listen, perchance, to a holy man or prophet. Does philosopher or mage have the answers you seek, a fool even.

The Traveler – Ch. 4

The Bleak
Many eons back and countless light years from anything, in another dimension and another universe, a voice cried out in the cold darkness.


Extinction Rebellion

I find it hard to criticize any of the aims of Extinction Rebellion. Almost all of what they advocate accords with my own deeply felt convictions on what is wrong with our world.

The Traveler – Ch.2

The Good Ship Lollipop hung in geo stationary orbit above Arkady, positioned directly over Alomkik. Were it not cloaked in invisibility, the Arcadians would have seen wondrous things indeed in the heavens.

To be Free

Release from the shackles of a mind made prison, sought for so many years and yet so recently achieved.


To sit in dappled shade in the late summer sunshine. To breathe the soft cool wind, to close eyes and let the mind wander where it will.

Nu Couché au coussin Bleu, one of the finest examples of reclining nudes by Modigliani, 1916


What does achievement mean? What have you achieved and by what standards will you be judged? Will you be found wanting and if so should you care?

The Medici

If you are tempted to envy the wealth, power and influence once wielded by this famous Florentine dynasty, consider what it took to achieve and maintain it.


It is very disappointing to have given in to anger, which in retrospect could easily have been averted by withdrawing from the scene.

Glimpses of “Truth”

Enjoying the cool spring sunshine this morning, I had a moment of truth as my eye was caught by dew drops in the long grass. I was sitting in our beautiful patch of wild meadow at the bottom of the garden.

Edge of the World

I wonder if this is what it felt like during the phoney war in 1939? A period of almost surrealistic calm before the horrors of world War II really began.

An Introduction

I am starting a podcast and those who are in the know tell me I must introduce myself. So here goes.

Doing it Differently

Breaking up my routine seems to add enormously to my well-being. While I might not persuade my wife to let me go trekking in the Empty Quarter, even mild change can be very beneficial.

End Game

There is nothing more sobering than a great deal of time spent in a hospital with the critically ill. Nothing more rewarding either.

Sex Education – Netflix

While the repressed prude may find Sex Education distasteful, those with a more discerning eye will value its gentle humour and shrewd commentary on human nature.

The “Influencer”

There can be few callings which I hold is such low esteem as that of the “Influencer”.

Game of Thrones 8

If you think it’s all about sex, dragons and slaughter you might just be wrong. It’s also about apocalypse and that I find rather fascinating.

Creating God

I do not believe that the concept of “god and science are incompatible. Provided that we accept that we have created the concept of “god” in the first place and that through science we have the means to become godlike.