I am not Gay

Nor multicultural, nor multi gender, nor am I trans….and, odd to relate nor am I a bigot or a racist.

What I am is thoroughly sick of having all that thrust down my throat wherever I go and whatever I do.

I was wandering around WordPress today and was conned into thinking their collection of posts under the heading “Identity” might be about “consciousness” but instead was  bored to find they are pushing the same old stuff as almost everyone else on the internet.

Just because I am what has traditionally been labelled white and (so far as I am aware, heterosexual – but who knows?) does NOT mean that I loathe anybody or everybody who was not born as I was.

I just don’t want to see rainbows everywhere I go, whether in the windows of Peter Jones in Sloane Square, at my local bank, or in the pages of the Guardian.

Why can’t these people just keep a slightly more muted profile like the rest of us manage to do?

Look, I am pretty minority myself. I had a grandfather who was Yiddish if ever I saw a Yid. How much more minority can you get than that? His distant kith and kin were doubtless showered with Xyclon B and shoved in gas ovens all over Europe.

But I really don’t need to shove that down your throats.

My old man was diagnosed as schizophrenic and or bi-polar. How minority is that? But again I don’t want to bang on about it and bore you to tears.

As it happens, I have every sympathy with people who feel they are hard done by but despite a cracking education and (at one stage) lots of money, my life has been pretty damn minority too.  And not in a good way – I have spent 63 years as a glum misery. I think that counts me in as a minority and I feel pretty persecuted by it I can tell you.

Perhaps it would have been better if I had been born a member of the 22nd gender or been gifted with multiple reproductive organs from 8 to 10 of the apparent choices out there.

I don’t care what anyone does with their sexual organs, I don’t care what their skin colour is, I don’t care who or what they worship. I don’t care what they wear, what they snort, what they eat or drink, or think or say. They have every right to do an be all of that provided they do no harm to others.

Let me be quite clear: I wish none of you any offence. But why can’t you just get on with your lives quietly like the rest of us?  What is the big fuss?


  1. I’m with you. However, a lot of people with differences need to get attention paid to those differences. So they bully folks and make them display rainbows and such. I have become very disgusted with one website for telling users that a Certain Discussion is Not Welcome and that one can be banned for trying to have such a discussion. As sensitive as people are, the wrong word can get you banned and you don’t even have to mean anything by it!
    Fed up? You bet!

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  2. Everyone wants to be heard, whether you’re a white Yiddish man with a consistent case of the blues or someone who feels they don’t fit into a neat little box based on gender, skin color, mental health, etc. Most of the time, it appears to me, when someone is trying so hard to get your attention, they feel small or neglected in some way. Giving them the chance to have their say never hurt anyone.

    Listening makes everyone feel more important, including older, white men…I hear you. I just think you need to broaden your bandwidth to let others be heard as well. It’s easy when you’re more normative appearing or blessed to be in an age where your non-normative options are being more included.

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