Sex Education – Netflix

While the repressed prude may find Sex Education distasteful, those with a more discerning eye will value its gentle humour and shrewd commentary on human nature.

You are unlikely to be disappointed if you yearn to hear the words “labia” or “penis” brandished with pride. Although (mercifully), such body parts are not actually on show, the series tackles in a sympathetic and amusing fashion the anxieties suffered by teenagers struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.

In the modern fashion, most sexual tastes are catered for and most races. Teenagers flip from boyfriend to girlfriend, from black to white and all shades in between. They move between raucously funny school musicals (where Romeo and Juliet is played out in a forest of vaginas and giant phalluses) to the stirring music of a gospel black church.

What do I like about this series? Everything! It is so rare that I am moved to laugh out loud and I am not ashamed to say that there were moments I found very touching (not in the phyiscal sense!).

It is all centered around Moordale High School, run by the emotionally and sexually stunted headmaster Mr Grof.

Grof bullies his son Adam who in turn takes it out on a gay black youth called Eric. I won’t spoil the fun, but Adam redeems himself publicly and handsomely in the second series.

The star of the show? Well for me it would be the beautiful Gillian Anderson who is taking a break from the X Files to play the sex therapist mother of Otis, the nerdy teenager on whom much of the series concentrates.

And Otis – what a lovely, lost kid. Deserted by his father, Otis looks for love and makes life difficult for his long suffering (and sole care giving) mother. Otis gives sex advice for money to his school mates, even though for much of the series he remains a virgin. Assisted by his manager the lovely Maeve Wiley, the school rebel with whom, naturally, Otis falls in love. Will his love go unrequited or will Maeve the body banger fall for his charms, intellectual or otherwise?

I won’t spoil it for you.

There is love here, and not only in the physical sense. Everyone gets a chance at redemption and everyone eventually manages to throw off their nastiness and find their good side.

I am a succor for love, I admit it. What a change this series makes from the endless violence offered up by Netflix. Warmth, humour, vulgarity. Outright hilarity.

Given the choice, wouldn’t you rather be made to feel good?


  1. I love this show 🙂 Didn’t expect you to like it but you keep surprising your readers! PS: Eric and Adam were the main story for me in season 2 🤩

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  2. My wife is always looking for something to watch, so I told her that some of my blogging buddies liked “The Witcher”. Though quite suspicious of the source, she loved it. Next I gave her this one. Even better! Here I’m obligated to watch these things with her rather than drown them out with headphones as I blog, which she likes and I suppose is healthy. Yeah it’s a fun one.

    And as a general sociological observation I’ve got to say “Wow!” This sort of propaganda must be changing us extremely fast. Apparently there’s nothing stigmatic regarding non-standard sexuality, or won’t be soon. And on race, my goodness. Only with the main two protagonists does white seem permitted for white. At least one tradition remains.

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    1. Ha ha ha, yes indeed all very Guardian Reader. I am learning to be a Guardian Reader myself. Perhaps as you hint, things have moved too fast and in one direction but I must say that the thinking part of my brain approves of all this. More is the pity that I never had a non-white girl friend – something I irritate my wife about from time to time. And as to sex….well I guess its just a bodily function which can be quite fun and amusing. Or at least used to be – 30 odd years of marriage takes it toll on that front; it just never seems to happen.

      I dunno, I guess I must be getting more and more Pinko-Liberal with old age. Live and let live and so forth.

      As to race, we are told we all originate from the same bunch from the rift valley in Africa and to me at least any form of racialism seems utterly absurd.

      Having said that, it can be culturally pretty taxing to have to listen to rap or Chinese opera, for me at least. So in principle I am accepting of any race, creed or colour as long as I am not expected to abandon Rennaisance choral music, Western art and architecture and all the stuff I was brought up with. Each to his own and three cheers for diversity!

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  3. You tease her about being interested in “chocolate”? Actually that sounds pretty healthy. Even in jest I’ve learned not to give my own incredibly suspicious wife reason to think I’m looking around beyond her silly imagination.

    I think we feel the same about these modern social changes. It’s simply interesting to witness the speed of it all. And of course there is pushback as displayed by Brexit and the election of Trump. They won’t stop the tide however.

    I suppose that I’m Pinko-Liberal regarding social matters, though a staunch capitalist at heart. The poor can’t be gifted out of their poverty as some liberals seem to believe. We’re all self interested bastards in the end. But this is not to say that “trickle down” economics is sufficient — the people with the means are self interested bastards as well. For a meaningful ascent, a reasonable set of “stairs” must be provided.


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