Messiah – Netflix

Profound and beautiful would be my best shot at describing this wonderful new series Messiah from the creative genius that is Netflix.

Needless to say I do not give a toss about the general critical reception and care even less for petty debates as to whether the series is blasphemous or takes liberties with the “scriptures” Hebrew, Christian or Muslim.

I am no believer in gods or saviors of any flavor, but clearly I must have a hankering after the divine to enjoy this fictional portrayal of a supernatural being who declares that history has ended.

My favorite scene? His meeting with the US President, himself a man of deeply religious conviction, who is moved by the Messiah’s plea to withdraw all US troops from abroad.

Yes, peace. Call it naive, Utopian, unrealistic but it is some such shattering event for which I have long yearned.

Peace, love, goodness a dropping of hatred, bigotry and greed. What is not to like about such a philosophy? Is he the son or god or isn’t he? Is he possessed of miraculous powers or a mere charlatan, who has learnt the power of deception and conjury from his wicked uncle? Did he really walk on water in the capital city of Mammon and did he resurrect a bunch of latter day Lazarus’s from the dead?

Well this is not reality so the answers to those questions have little relevance outside of the curiosity to see what this tale will reveal.

But is there not a longing in many of us (most perhaps?) to abandon this mundane plane of existence, to upsticks, to thrown down the dull tools of survival and follow some greater calling?

Would I want some anthropomorphic god dropping down from the skies? Probably not but the idea of a new beginning, a new world, a better society, a dramatically different existence – yes, that is something I would welcome.

Fiction it may be, but the desire for transcendence and meaning is something for which so many yearn.

If the Messiah makes us question our lives, our behavior, our beliefs, then all power to its creators.

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