Bingeing on Netflix

As deadly sins go, bingeing on Netflix probably ranks among the less serious.

It isn’t something I feel guilty about as I skulk off into the spare bedroom on occasions when my wife says “lights out”. Well, not too guilty anyway although depending on extent of the binge I might find myself a bit grumpy the next morning.

I suppose though that like most things in life, bingeing on entertainment has a lesson to teach if we care to listen.

Orange is the new Black
Orange is the new Black

It’s not something I feel ashamed of (no need for that, surely?) nonetheless it does put me in mind of other (more venal sins) that I might have been guilty of in the past.  And the memory of those does worry me, notwithstanding the fact that I managed to escape irreparable damage and don’t do it anymore.

You have to wonder whether the Nanny State is planning legislation on the matter; after all it seeks to control every other aspect of our waking lives.

Every one of us must be guilty of committing some minor infraction every day.  We fail to sort our rubbish into appropriate piles like good eco-warriors.  We flush our loos late into the night (a real cause for worry in Switzerland where a neighbour once set the lavatory noise inspectors on us).  We are obese, we fail to use enough fluorine brushing our teeth, we are not sexually diverse enough, we are not gender aware.  We aren’t multi-cultured, we stick to the narrow traditions and religion of our birth place.

Yep, I can see it coming – I will turn on Netflix one day and I will get a notice flashing across the screen (in Kermit green) telling me I have already had my permitted 40 minutes viewing time for the day.  The program shuts itself down.

There is a serious case to be made that the state has transgressed its boundaries but I can’t see a retreat anytime soon.

So enjoy it while you can; it can’t last!  Nanny McPhee is coming to switch you off.

Nanny Mcphee
Nanny Mcphee


  1. I’m not a big Netflix user. But someone lent me their access password to watch The Crown, which I loved. Can’t wait for the new series. Someone else said I should take a look at Breaking Bad. OHMIGOD I was hooked from the first scene, and I admit to some binge watching….. it’s brilliant! I’ve just finished series 2, so lots more to go….


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