A kind friend sent me what I took to be a flyer for, which appears to be a sex and dating site for Christians.

Apparently my friend believes I lack both god and sex and he is right on both counts, so I am most grateful for his kind solicitations.

There is even a movie based on the website.

According to Wikipedia:

Christian Mingle was launched in 2001 by Spark Networks. The site has over 16 million members. In July 2016, Christian Mingle began accommodating gay men and women.

Ah, so that’s OK then. But apparently there are over 11 genders now, so perhaps ChristianMingle has some catching up to do.

You will doubtless be pleased to hear that:

Spark Networks  is a leading global dating company with a widening portfolio of premium & freemium apps. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘LOV’”.

Intrigued and attracted by the joint idea of god and free sex I signed up for the UK version. Sadly, given my advanced age, I was presented with a motley selection of  ugly old ducks who were doubtless also having problems with both sex and god. Although some had worn better than others and would perhaps offer an interesting evening out with extras.

Those with a non conventional Christian or other background will  be pleased to hear that Spark offers succor to Jews, Latter Day Saint Singles and Christian Adventists.

I was most disappointed to discover Spark does not offer “Muslim Mingle” or “Taliban Mingle” but perhaps these committed American capitalists will reach out to other sex starved religious devotees in due course. Buddhist Mingle, Sikh Mingle, Atheist Mingle. I’d better put out a buy recommendation on the stock.




      1. As long as the lube’s consecrated.

        Hey, I’m pretty sure the one for you is “Attractive World”.

        “Launched in 2007, Attractive World is a high-end online dating site for demanding singles; those who refuse to settle for less than great! The particularity of the site is based on its selection process: this is the only leading dating site that lets its own members decide who gets in. If you want to join, you’ll first have to impress the Attractive World community. Will you make the cut?”

        I clicked on the link and it’s all in French, which is great. Her indoors knows I want to brush up on the language, so it’ll all look perfectly innocent. We’re just sending French letters.


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