YouTube Trailer

Encouraged and enthralled by Kim Kardashian West (not sure where the West comes from) I was wondering whether to record a welcome video for my YouTube Channel.  Or is it called a “trailer”? Or does it matter? How very confusing.

Young Kim has 1.33 million subscribers and her YouTube channel  seems to be about beauty, make up, white Rolls Royces, proud breasts, enormous bottoms and spending money on consumer goods.

I currently have 9 subscribers, no white Rolls Royce, a distaste for reality TV and a strong dislike of consumer spending.  And my wife looks nothing like Kim, oddly enough.

I think Kim must be some sort of American version of our own sweet Essex Girl, but bigger, sexier, more glamorous.

Oh dear, rambling again.

So why does a curmudgeonly old misanthrope bother with YouTube and the internet? I can only say that reading a poem out loud and recording it seems to have had an effect on me.

You have to understand the poem to read it out loud. It makes you concentrate, it makes you appreciate exactly what the poet is trying to tell you.  And provided his message is something you want to hear, the experience is a wonderful one. Whether the listener would say the same is quite a different story.

This blog is unashamed catharsis. I read and write and ramble and it all means something to me. Well, quite a lot actually. I think the same will be true of YouTube.

I will not be recording Sylvia Plath. I will not be reading Virginia Wolf. I must stop banging on about the negative and concentrate instead on the wonders of life and universe, for there are many.

I am sorry for our Sylvia and all like her but I think I must focus on less needy folk, less dire poems. Joy and wonder not misery and introspection.

And I must give up on politics – I’m no social reformer, simply because I have no idea what we as a society should do. I haven’t a clue what could replace the capitalist model, no idea how to help the world’s poor, and even less intuition as to how the venal of this world might be persuaded to be less so.

So my Channel – what are my intentions for it? My plans?

Well, poetry, yes. My favorite bards, some of whom I have not revisited since university. John Donne and the metaphysical poets in particular. Some of Shakespeare’s sonnets.  The War Poets.

And perhaps a book or two, or at least a reading here and there from some of my favorite texts. A Christmas Carol, Tolkien, CS Lewis. Copyright permitting.

And exploration of the new, the unfamiliar.  To push my limits outwards, to expand my boundaries.

And who am I doing all this for? Do I write to be read, do I speak to be heard?  Well, if you so choose, listen to me by all means. But perhaps this journey is primarily my own.

Perhaps, like a tree in the forest, I may not exist unless I witness myself through word and thought, if not deed. Perhaps my outpourings are themselves a witness to my existence.

I write, I speak, therefore I am.

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