In Defense of the Trinity

Are we living in the 21st Century? How do serious people honestly believe in such man made hogwash.

In a perfectly reasonable article entitled “In Defense of the Trinity” blogger Haden Clark made his pitch.

I commented as follows:

I do not believe in the Trinity. Or the Bible. Or any of the many religions of the world. I do not believe in any deity. I believe that these beautiful writings may help us to concentrate our mind on ethics, morals and how we ought to lead our lives. Nothing else. Even then, there are some horrendous passages in all scripture which have to be simply ignored. The last two verses of Psalm 137 are a perfect example.

Big Mistake!

Haden Clark took my comments in the well meaning way they were meant but a major religious nutter waded into to attack with full bible bashing force:

It’s fine that you do not believe… but, we know your ultimate destination after your death and resurrection; it is a lake of fire called Gehenna — a place of perpetual torment. Even the unrighteous, aka the wicked, will be resurrected, judged by the Law, and found guilty! I wonder if you will have a smug, Stoic smirk on your face when you are being judged by the firstborn of Creation…

Woooo! Spooky! The dreaded lake of Gehenna!

Hastily mopping my soiled underwear (yes, such was my terror my bowels involuntarily emptied all over a rather nice, and expensive Persian carpet) I replied to L. Alan Schuetz:

Hilarious stuff. I’ll take my chances thank you. I really can not be bothered with Pascal’s Wager. In any event, even if I were a believer in such outrageous nonsence, I have done nothing in my life to deserve your lake of fire. I’m surprised you can sleep at night.

My strong suspicion is that you must be joking. I do not believe that in the 21st Century people still have such backward beliefs.

But there again, there is nowt so queer as folk. I wish you well L.Alan Schuetz but please tell me you are joking? Having a little laugh at my expense?

At this point I made the momentous decision to let on my true identity:

Actually, look Alan, I have to be honest. My real name is Gandalf the Grey.  I defeated the Balrog in the Mines of Moria and was instrumental in the downfall of the mighty Sauron.

So look, honestly your lake of Gehenna is something I deal with on a regular basis.

I am sorry to say that Mr Schuetz seems unable to see or appreciate my point of view. I am sorry that he can not see I am trying to meet him in the middle.  That I fear is typical of an extremist.

There is good in every religion and there is bad. If you are determined to find Moloch under every bed, then I have no doubt you will be able to do so. Along with lucifer, the behemoth, the leviathan and the rest of the motley crew.

I see great similarity between Mr Scultz’s attitudes and those of other extremists, in particular the Muslims.

Jesus was a live and let live sort of man according to his chroniclers. He turned the other cheek. That is the sort of man I can (and do! ) admire.

I am afraid the world becomes a very fearful and dangerous place when populated by the likes of L. Alan Schuetz.

I hope that in time he may come to see that moderation, understanding and modesty are more in line with modern Christian theology that the hellfire he seems to adamant in promoting. His is not a religion I recognize. Nor one I wish to encounter.


  1. Gee that is hilarious! Lake of Gehenna!!! I’m still chuckling… actually, are you sure it isn’t some spoof, a sort of religious Spinal Tap?


  2. Howled outright at the diatribe you took from the bible demon. More so at your revelation you are indeed Gandalf as I have suspected but dismissed because I fancied that role myself, especially his hat and staff. I heard he died in a brawl? I am shocked. Tell me it’s not so … Or am I thinking of Christopher Marlowe.

    On a less serious note, I found there are serendipitous parts of the bible that still bring me to my knees, emptied, head bowed in grateful, tearful surrender and awe. That a 3000 year old man of the OT could reach across those years with a personal message I had written myself and not shared, and thought I was the only one to have experienced gives me the kundalinis …There are at least two bits of the NT that make me think the biblical Jesus was a mystic too. Such is the easy reach of the mystic gift, eh? I suspect there is more in the OT and NT that speaks to your condition than you credit the Bible.



    1. Audible chortling….
      No I do agree that there are parts of there Bible which simply stun me. I am particularly wedded to Ecclesiastes and I adore the Psalms. You are quite right, some of the insights are well worth reading. Particularly in the language of someone like Myles Coverdale.


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