We are all Gay now

I am so grateful for the BBC who explain that LGBT+ is now passé. Now apparently we are LGBTQQIAAP.

I really do need to know that:

The 10 terms cover the different ways people define their gender and sexuality, but the list is not exhaustive.


Adam would have been staggered that it was not just Eve who popped out from his ribs but a non exhaustive list of at least ten others! Wow!  Live and learn eh? What a busy seven days the creator must have had!

I am more than happy that my excellent local Church of England priest is living with his gay partner. I am more than happy that homosexaulity was righly legalised in Britain in 1965; criminalisation was a disgrace. Inhuman and bigoted nonsense.

It is a scandal, an abomination that (according to Wikipedia) homosexual activity carries the death penalty in Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia (in some southern regions), Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.  What savage and backward lands.


But as with “multiculturalism” (whatever that is) I really do not need it thrust in my face every single day by countless media and news outlets.

So what? What do you want me to do about it? Grow breasts? Get a boyfriend? Have a sexual organs implanted on my forehead?

I don’t care what freely consenting adults do or what they do with parts of their anatomy. They are most welcome to do whatever they want.  Perhaps I should give it a go.

I am a liberal Guardian reader verging on lefto-pinkie but I am sorry, I don’t need to be told day after day that I should riot for gay rights or tranhumanism or transexulaisim or whatever the latest crusade is.

Any more than I wish to be told to worship Ganesh, or Zeus or Allah or Yahweh. Or Zarathustra, Buddha or the Flying Pink Spaghetti Monster.

Who started all this stuff? Where does “political correctness” come from?  And is it politically correct to keep ramming this stuff down my throat?

I don’t campaign for atheism or mild socialism or heterosexuality.

These things are not outlawed but then nor is LGBTQQIAAP.

So why can’t I be left alone?

I don’t want to be constantly harassed by people campaigning for rights of any sort, minority or majority. L or B or G or T or +++++. Thanks very much.

Where there is injustice and discrimination I am happy to campaign against it. Where there is poverty or sickness or violence I abhor it.

But please, give me a break from political correctness.



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