Division and indoctrination, greed, violence and politics.

Why does society have to be so divisive? Why does political posturing have to increase polarization and seek to indoctrinate?

The simplest messages are the best and it was more than usually dispiriting to read the newspapers this morning.

The Real Tory Civil War.  Who is Australia‚Äôs current head of state?

Christians versus muslims versus jews.  America and Britain bombing desert tyrants to protect their own economic interests.

It is business as usual. Self interest, hatred, suspicion, violence and greed. Everyone else is always wrong, our opinion is always right. Whoever “we” are.

It does not have to be this way. We do not have to give in to our baser impulses. We do not have to force our own way, our own interests at all costs. We have a choice. We can, could, should choose to co-operate and help rather than to compete. Rather than endlessly do battle.

All human life is about battle, fight, conflict.  Me, mine. My religion, my garden, my views, my politics my business, my money.  Its my land so get out, get off.

It is not easy to listen to Bishop Michael Curry let alone take any notice or put his theories into practice:

Treat others as you would have them treat you.

In its simplicity this message ends all our problems at a stroke but few will listen and fewer will take action.

To take action is not easy. How can we turn the other cheek when those around us are out to swindle and rob us? And we them.

I recently read about the Abolitionist Project and realised there are some decent people in the world (along with the Bishop).  What a magnificent manifesto.  And these guys – I applaud their efforts.

And yet I am doing nothing. So many of us do nothing. Worse, so many of us not only do no good, we do actual harm.  Are there any good guys out there? Who not only preach but act?

How about Amnesty? Are they good people? I must find out. There must be many good people and many good organisations out there. I suppose they must be heavily outnumbered by the violent and venal and greedy.

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