Class War in Journalism and Politics

Class War in Journalism and Politics is alive and well.  It is business as usual in Parliament and the news papers.

It is unfortunate that some columnists in the Guardian are still looking to the outdated concept of class war as the answer to all their ills. It is a great shame that polarization still plagues our politics both on the right and the left. If you read some columnists in the Daily Mail or the Telegraph, everybody in the Labour Party is a communist and would send us all to the Gulag. If you read some columnists in the Guardian, every person in the Tory party is a ridiculous anachronism or a fascist.

What we need is politicians and journalists who eschew narrow tribalism and espouse a new way for political action which looks to the good of everyone and not to demonise a perceived enemy. Enmity and class hatred have no place in a better, kinder world.

It is very easy to be bitter, to become bitter. I should know – I have often felt that way over the past few years but at least I can see the error of my ways and battle against my negativity and nihilism.

Columnist John Harris states:

“where there were high levels of degree-educated people, the Conservative party lost support between 2010 and 2017”

So we are to assume that those who vote conservative are ill educated and backward.

Such divisive statements are simply not helpful and are certainly not conducive to the atmosphere of co-operation we need to ensure a better future for our children.  In politics we need to move away from division.  We need to move away from class war, from race war, away from divisive polarisation.

We need to move from a system of party politics and enmity to a system where we stop bashing our perceived enemies and realise that we are all human.  We are all stuck on the same planet and suffer from the same enemies and fears.

Our enemies are disease, poverty and yes, fear itself.

It is time to work with each other, it is time to stop fighting.

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