Dead Susan: Requiescat in Pace

She was an archetype. The Good Aunt.  Few enough good people around but she was one of them.

There have been few such people in my life.  I’m not exactly bad but I am most certainly not good; not in that sense anyway. I cursed and struggled and swore and fought every time we had to make the grueling journey beyond the wall to visit her and her equally Good Husband.

But once we were there it was to enter a different world. An enchanted one.  They can only be described as people of the utmost naive and wonderful simplicity. And decency and goodness.

Of how many couples can you say you never heard them speak a bad word. Or utter a bad thought. She bustled as soon as you arrived. It was Mrs Tiggywinkle, off to put the kettle on the hob. Or Mrs Beaver from Narnia busying around to put good things on the table for lunch. And he? A lovely, kind old man; Mr Beaver pottering around the dam doing the things good beavers do.

What made them so unique that couple.  Their house such a haven of peace. Kindness; yes that must be it.  A place where you knew you could let your mind wander; barely aware of the glorious Tiggywinkles pottering around and talking of wonderful Tiggywinklish things.

Why do we not live for the day. Why do we not cherish what we have when we have it. Well life was ever thus I suppose. More easily lived backwards. Easier by far to be wise after the event.

And yet those times were special. With those special people.  Perhaps we should have given more. Been better guests, better hosts.

Have they really gone. Perhaps not. Perhaps after all such spirits live on as their religion taught them. Who am I to know or to judge.

The world is a poorer place without them.  I shall miss them dearly.  That I do know.

Requiescat in Pace.

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