Discarding the Irrelevant

In recent years I have found it increasingly beneficial to narrow my focus.

Lampmagician published a fascinating article Carl Jung and a Brief Overview of Satan.

It contains information I was vaguely aware of and might have found somewhat “useful” in past decades.  It is interesting but I do not need the information.

Perhaps it is because of age – I increasingly hurry (while my brain remains functional) to fill in the many gaps in my limited achievements and marginally less limited knowledge.

I have no doubt that the study of history is vital. As Ecclesiastes reminds us, “there is nothing new under the sun” and if we do not learn the lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat the same tedious and unnecessary mistakes for ever. Greed, war, materialism, cruelty to name but a few.

But do I need now, today, to know what the medieval and earlier church thought about two fictitious deities, Satan and Christ?

In my own case most assuredly not. While I concur wholeheartedly with the Beatitudes, much of the rest of it is backward superstitious nonsense.   Fine for the historian who can summon the interest but not for me thanks.

The interest in such topics must remain purely historical, academic. Or perhaps “should remain” is more pertinent. The mind must filter out what is not useful to it so that it can focus on what is.

In earlier days I may have attributed some importance to this esoteric information, other than as a mere record.  Long ago I may still have been influenced by my Judaeo christian upbringing.  These days I tend to remain focused on what I find useful in my daily life and have abandoned “belief” in deities. I mostly prefer to spend my time on more modern and forward looking endeavors.

Hence for instance I find reading about the nature of consciousness and scientific advance of greater concern and utility,  more worthy of my attention than nonsensical medieval church doctrine. Changing tastes over the decades perhaps. Or perhaps a need to concentrate on what I find important while I have the sentience so to do.

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