Can Magic Mushrooms Cure Depression?


Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic drug found in over 200 species of mushroom and may be of help in curing depression.

Psilocybin was classified as a banned Class A drug in the UK in 2006 and in the US long before that. Its cultivation, possession or synthesis is illegal in many countries throughout the world, although magic “truffles” are freely and legally available in the more enlightened Netherlands.

Magic truffles are merely the sclerotia of psilocybe mushrooms growing below the ground.

In recent years, serious research has been undertaken on the effects of psilocybin in combatting depression.  One of the leading researchers in the UK is  Dr Carhart – Harris at Imperial College London.

Imperial College research has concentrated on full psychedelic dosage but other research has concentrated on sub- perceptual dosing, or “microdosing”.

Dr James Fadiman in the US is one of the best known researchers on microdosing and has a specific website on the topic.

Even the musty old National Health Service is sitting up and taking notice.


The advantages of microdosing are obvious to those of us who do not wish the potentially destabilising  effects of a “trip”.

Microdosing typically consists of taking 1/20th to 1/10th of the dose necessary to create a hallucinogenic effect and the internet is choc a bloc with favourable reports from those who have found a beneficial effect.

Here is one particularly lucid example: Reports and Reflections after 6 months of psilocybin.

More research is required and a great deal more funding.  It would greatly help if such substances were de-classified as banned drugs.

Microdosing psilocybin has clearly helped a great number of people. It is a pity the government has forced the movement to go underground.

Here are a couple of reflections from the Third Wave Website from those who have tried the experiment:

“Microdosing helped me to focus more on positives. I was less distracted by the negativity of others. At the start I was at the same position in the negative spiral, but it felt like the poles + and – turned and I worked slowly upwards to the positive spiral, and no longer deeper down the negative hole.
As I became more positive in my attitude, the more positive feedback and experiences I gained.”

“The inner critic was silenced. I took pleasure in existing. I had greater focus. It was as if my brain was making connections faster. I felt smarter, had more physical energy and stamina. It helped me get through a depressive episode.”

The greatest danger is that people will seek out magic mushrooms in the wild and poison themselves from mis-identification.

Not that they will die from ingesting the genuine article.

It is high time this country adopted the more enlightened attitude of the Netherlands towards drugs and life in general.  Depression is a widespread curse that has ruined many lives and any and all potential cures ought to be freely explored.

Note that the pictures shown are NOT of magic mushrooms and may be poisonous.


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